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Brightside Cleaning is licensed, bonded, and insured. All of our staff undergoes a standard background check and all of our employees are hired by the owners.

Brightside Cleaning TrainingBrightside Cleaning Training Program

All of our workers are trained through a customized comprehensive training program. There is a probationary training period where new employees will be shadowing a team on the job. Our customer’s do not take on any cost when we are training new employees on their job and in fact reap the benefit of better, faster service as our newcomers learn from the best. 

Paid training for new employees takes place with a team lead and an assistant. Our training protocols and procedures give our workers all the tools they need to succeed and grow within the Brightside Cleaning family.

Teamwork and Supervision

At Brightside Cleaning, we encourage teamwork and group success. Employees are treated with respect and are an integral part of our company. We believe communication is key in our business. Each week we have a meeting that allows us to keep employees “in-the-know”, talk about the schedule, and hear their recommendations or feedback about the past week’s jobs.

We send our cleaners out in teams of two, with a team lead and an assistant. We always promote from within, and the team leads act as a supervisor for each job. They have the account details, with any customizations from the homeowner (i.e. Use this product in the bathroom, please do not move this item), and ensures that every item on the checklist is done and done properly. 

Our teams decide how to split up the cleaning amongst themselves, but we do have a cleaning procedure that each team follows at every home and workplace. 

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